Invest in our Vision: Join us for a Global Growth and Success


Since time immemorial the world has witnessed the abundant natural resources that India possesses and NOW, in the context of North-East, India. We’d like to take this as an opportunity to GIFT those abundant natural resources that we are blessed with to every corner of the world in the form of uniquely designed products & other exclusive services through our modern-day management expertise.


Kassh & Brands will continue to lead the way in the Bamboo industry because it specializes in producing sustainable, eco-friendly products made of all types of bamboo. Our mission is to provide stylish and durable alternatives to traditional materials while promoting environmental conservation. Join us in our efforts to create a greener, more sustainable future.


We invest in sustainable forestry practices and develop innovative techniques for wood processing to minimize waste and promote environmental conservation. Our products will be of the highest quality and durability and we’ll continue to prioritize the health of our planet. Join us in creating a sustainable future for all.


We are committed to sustainable waste management. Our innovative solutions helps organizations reduce waste, save resources, and minimize environmental impact. From waste audits to recycling programs, we provide customized services to meet your needs. Partner with us to achieve your sustainability goals and create a better future for our planet.


Our organic layer & vertical farming techniques prioritize the health of the soil and by avoiding harmful pesticides and chemicals, we can help save soil from degradation and ensure that future generations have access to nutritious, high-quality food.


Kassh & Brands is dedicated to promoting sustainable animal husbandry practices. We raise livestock and select breeding and then export the frozen edible animal products across the world.We specialize in providing high-quality animal feed, healthcare, and equipment to ensure the health and wellbeing of livestocks.


We specialize in producing and distributing high-quality agricultural products that are sustainably sourced and ethnically grown. Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious food options for people around the world while promoting environmentally friendly practices.


We are passionate about the PR & Entertainment industry. Our expertise in celebrity meetup, production, distribution, and marketing spans music, film, television, live events and digital media. We work with top talent and industry leaders to bring exciting content to audiences worldwide. Trust us to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment and reach new heights of success.


Kassh & Brands is specializing in social media management. Our team of experts creates effective social media strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client. We help businesses increase their online presence, engage with their audience, and drive growth. Join us in our efforts to harness the power of social media for your business


Kassh & Brands, Welcomes You Whole-Heartedly to become our beloved stakeholder or an angel investor and grab your share in either:

  1. Equity Share
  2. Preference Share
  3. Custom Accord

We invite global, national and local communities to be our treasured angels, partners & stakeholders.


Kassh & Brands is committed to providing high-quality content writing services. Our team of skilled writers produces engaging and informative content for businesses across various industries. We prioritize research and tailor our writing to the unique needs of each client. Join us in our efforts to elevate the standard of content writing and communication.


Kassh & Brands is proud to support startups & companies through capital investment. We believe in the potential of these companies and are committed to helping them grow and succeed. With our extensive experience and resources, we provide not only financial support but also strategic guidance and mentorship. Join us in our efforts to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in various industries.


As the world market grows with various stepping elements supporting this expansion, such as government initiatives, foreign relations, market dynamics, etc. We’ll continue to thrive to remain open to any new industry’s expansion.


Central Government approved schemes

Kassh & Brands is committed to helping its stakeholders make the most of the benefits offered by the Central Government approved schemes. Our team of experts is dedicated to guiding our stakeholders in understanding the various schemes available and selecting the one that best suits their needs.

State Government approved schemes

Kassh & Brands understands the importance of state government approved schemes in promoting economic growth and development. We provide comprehensive guidance to our stakeholders on the various state government schemes available and project the way out.